Body Balance – Back Line

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  Your back line runs from under your foot and travels via Achilles tendon, calves, hamstrings, gluts, and all the way up the spine and neck to finish at the front of your forehead.

Many people with very tight calves and hamstrings experience neck stiffness. Understanding that the pulling of the lower muscle groups will tighten not just lower backs but all the way up to the neck as well makes losening these muscles beneficial for the whole spine.

hamstring standing

Using a chair/bolster/step have leg straight and pelvis square. Bend forward over knee and lift toes towards you – hold 5 long breaths. Repeat both legs NB – go slow and stretch gently.

Spinal Forward Flexion

Sitting on the floor with legs straight slowly bend forward and hold onto outside of feet – hold 5 long breaths. Repeat with hands holding inside of feet.