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“I live a very blessed life.”
– Dr Matt Short – DC

The early years were spent dealing with a cricket addiction. To deal with this addiction I played professionally for 5 years in London and Holland. Along the way I was unsure of what to do as a career and looking back I suspect the drive to be a chiropractor was born from a need to be healthy to play sport. As with all sportsmen striving for perfection you often encounter problems. Injuries occur and brought with them frustration, grumpiness, and a good deal of soreness. It also brought a great appreciation for those wonderful people that would help me get well and back on the playing field. A penny dropped and I decided to become one of those appreciated people.

In 1994 I swapped a boarding pass for university loans and completed a degree in Physiology at the University of Auckland. Discovering Chiropractic, I started my professional education at the New Zealand School of Chiropractic (now the New Zealand College of Chiropractic). Graduating in 1999 I looked for an associate position in the sunniest place in New Zealand. My lucky life continued with an opportunity to join Tauranga Chiropractic and Dr Peter Van Zweeden in 2000.
Looking forward to the challenge of owning my own practice, I opened Life Chiropractic in Bethlehem in 2002 and 2 years later moved to our current location in Fraser Street. Life Chiropractic has been operating in Tauranga and Katikati for 10 years serving clients in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, and Thames districts. The foundation of Life Chiropractic is built around my belief that you have an amazing ability to heal and maintain health. To achieve the lofty goal of optimum health we need to establish healthy habits that are designed to counter the effects of the environment we live in. Pain and symptoms are simply indicators that you haven’t quite achieved the right formulae for optimum health. Like most things in life it is easier to achieve our goals with others to help us. I have emphasised this through our mission statement:

“Partnering with you to achieve optimum health, through advanced, natural chiropractic care.”
– Dr Matt Short – DC

Life ChiropracticI am very proud of what we have achieved at Life Chiropractic. We have created a warm and inviting environment that allows easy access, comfortable waiting rooms and simple processes to make being healthy easy. Where we excel is that our care works. The techniques I use are a combination of many post graduate courses including chiropractic care for pregnant mums, babies and infants, foot and shoulders, neurologic understanding of headaches and migraines, postural ease, and many others.

I have had the pleasure of looking after babies in their first few days to 90 plus year olds who just want to keep dancing. Through 14 years of experience no two clients are the same. Weather you drive a truck or drive a computer, have a family or are pregnant, play sports or create art, you are unique and need a care plan that is tailored to you.

Life Chiropractic is that place where you are treated as an individual, respected for your health goals, cared for with techniques you feel comfortable with, and supported to be the best you can be.

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I look forward to meeting you soon.

Your humble Chiropractor
Dr Matt Short – Dr of Chiropractic