List of Services & Fees

“Thank you for understanding the transaction of our fee for service clinic. Below is a list of fees that apply depending on your status (ACC, student, senior citizen etc), please note we also have payment arrangement options that can be accessed from the reception. I look forward to seeing you soon.”

– Dr Matt Short – DC 

Status                                                                                        Fee                ACC

Adult                                                                                          $49.00           $30.00

Child (up to end of High School)                                $40.00           $30.00

Infant (0 – 5yrs)                                                                   $30.00           $20.00

Senior (65+)                                                                           $40.00           $30.00

Transient (visitors to Tga)                                             $55.00           $30.00

 At Life Chiropractic there are no Initial Fees

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic adjustments:
– Gonstead, Thompson Drop, Activator (every adjustment is modified for each client and can range from gentle to more direct).

Fascia Release Techniques:
– Myofascia release using long slow movements (Rolfing) along lines of fascia as described in Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains.

Posture Education:
– individual assessment of posture and techniques for self correction.

– specific individual exercises to directly address areas needing balancing. Exercises can range from movements, stretching, to YOGA assanas.

Life Healthy Habits:
– you are welcome to join our walking group or we can recommend YOGA, Tai Chi, and other health professionals to aid your recovery and living a life full of vitality.




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