Neck Pain, Headaches/Migraine


Neck pain, headaches, and migraines are symptoms that can be due to many causes. Research indicates that a common cause for these symptoms is irritation of the nerves from the neck, hence neck pain often presents with the headache/migraine. Our approach to headache and migraine symptoms is to cover all the likely causes (not just nerve irritation) and assess where you will need to improve to relieve pain quickly and to keep your symptoms under control. By recognising and controlling the causes of your headache/migraine you enjoy fast pain relief plus build a greater resilience to these symptoms for now and in the future. Below is more about the very debilitating symptoms of headaches and migraines.


Migraine and headaches is one of the most common neurological disorders in New Zealand with about 10% of New Zealanders being effected by migraine at some stage of their lives. Figures from the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand estimate about 400,000 NZers will suffer migraine with 300,000 of those being women.

Headaches are characterised by pain in different areas of the head, face, mouth and throat. The cause of pain may be due to abnormal function of vascular systems or nerve irritation (or both). Often these pain presentations are triggered. Common triggers include stress, hormonal changes, bright lights, loud noise, red wine, food sensitivities, not enough or too much sleep, changes in weather, or changes in altitude.

A Scientific explanation
There is a large body of scientific literature emerging that suggests Headaches and Migraine is both a Peripheral Nerve dysfunction (e.g. neck) and an Autonomic Nerve System dysfunction (e.g. dehydration). Meaning we won’t get the treatment results desired by simply adjusting a neck or drinking water. It is important to have a broad view of the client and make multiple small changes to achieve optimum results.

The Good and Bad news
Research has suggested that Migraines are rarely completely cured. This is due to the complicated nature of cause and diagnosis. However if your Migraine has certain characteristics (which shall be obvious from our specific questionnaire) then there is every chance that Headache/Migraine episodes shall become very infrequent and rare.



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