Suggested Daily Exercises

One of the secretes to a long healthy life is the habit of regular exercise and stretches. Whilst your chiropractor is skilled at detecting and correcting areas of spinal dysfunction you can do a lot for yourself by implementing these spinal stretches to your daily activities.
Below are the basic set of spinal exercises recommended at Life Chiropractic. These exercises are clearly demonstrated to all patients in their initial care plan. Should these exercises need to be modified (too easy or too hard) then Dr Short will do so at your next appointment.

Begin the exercise by warming up your back with a gentle spinal roll.

Chiropractic exercises

Release those groins with light consistant pressure

Chiropractic exercises

Spinal twist for the lower vertebrae.
Hold each side for 20sec and try to relax as much as possible – breath.

Chiropractic exercises

Finish with a relaxing traction exercise for the whole spine.


Daily spinal exercises helps ensure a proper functioning spine and nerve system – for now and in the future. Exercises are important, however it is vital your spine is regularly checked by your chiropractor for undetected faults that will greatly reduce your ability to move properly and do these exercises comfortably.

-Dr Matt Short


Keep your structural spine healthy with regular Chiropractic care.
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