Body Balance Exercises – Frontal Line

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The Frontal Line


The frontal line is in two parts.

Part One – runs from the top of the toes, over the ankle, along the front of the shin, over the knee and via the very large and powerful quadracep muscles attaches to the front of the pelvis.

Part Two – runs from the pubis bone and travels up to the neck muscles connected to the collar bone. The muscles involved includes the abdominals, the muscles around your sternum, and the strongest of the neck muscles.

Commonly tension in the frontal line will be due to poor posture where the person appears hunched over.


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You begin by sitting back onto your ankles. If discomfort is too great use a pillow and gently sink deeper into the stretch untill you can take the pillow away.

Anterior Pelvic

Move onto stretching front of thigh – 1 leg at a time. Keep shoulders back and hips square. Hold 5 long breaths.

Swiss Ball Exercises

Open the rest of the frontal line using a swiss/gym ball. Start with ball under lower back and move upwards so ball is under shoulder blades. Hold each position for 5 deep slow breaths.