Gemma Holroyd Osteopath

Gemma Holroyd

Gemma Holroyd

Clinic Hours

Tue: 9:30-17:00
Wed: 10:00-18:00
Thu: 12:00-18:00
Fri: 9:00-14:00


1998: BSC Osteopathy Hons - London
2010: Biodynamic Osteopathy Level 4

Gemma has been in business and practising Osteopathy in Tauranga for 20 years.  Gemma uses soft tissue, cranial, manipulation and bio-dynamic techniques that are effective for muscular skeletal care. 

She also specialises in treatment and rehabilitation of injury, prenatal and postnatal care of mothers and babies, as well as maintenance and well-being.  Gemma is ACC registered and a member of the Osteopathic society (OSNZ) and Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ).

Osteopathy is a hands on holistic approach to treat the entire body to return full function to areas of dysfunction.  It is a means of creating full structural balance which in turn allows the body to return to its full capacity of health.

Gemma is a well-known Osteopath in Tauranga and has worked and run clinics here for the last 20 years.  Gemma has a passion for body work, first training as a masseuse then completing her Osteopathic studies at the British school of Osteopathy in London before heading to the the other side of the work (Tauranga!) to seek adventure.  With a background in yoga, Osteopathy allows Gemma to show people how to look after and respect their bodies, and get the most out of them.  She uses hands-on techniques such as structural, functional, cranial and biodynamics to support the body and promote healing.  These techniques allow the body to be treated as a collection of integrating systems, all of which have an effect on the other.  Gemma treats according to the specific needs of the individual whether they are young, elderly, acute or chronic.