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Basic Series - Exercises

Matt Short, Chiropractor
Posted: 19th December, 2018
Below are 5 exercises that help maintain good spinal function. All exercises should have some discomfort (i.e. a stretch) and no associated pain either during or after the exercise. Any discomfort over a 5 out of 10 on the pain scale indicates you should stop doing the exercise and report your discomfort at your next appointment.
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Exercises - Intermediate and Advanced Extensions

Matt Short, Chiropractor
Posted: 27th February, 2019
These "advanced exercises" are only to be attempted/done if prescribed by Matt. They are designed to target specific muscle/joint areas that are possibly contributing to your problem area. However, you may be doing more harm than good if you are not stable or ready for these exercises. Please enquire first so we can guide you through your recovery safely and effectively.
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Spine Strength Series

Matt Short, Chiropractor
Posted: 04th March, 2019

If you want to help stabilise your spine then it is a great idea to improve your core strength. The following exercises have been proven by researchers to be the most effective in providing lower back

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Chiropractic Fees

Matt Short, Chiropractor
Posted: 20th December, 2018
Below are the fees for Chiropractic care at the Life Clinic. Your road to recovery begins with an initial consultation and an extended follow-up consultation. These appointments are designed to: