Pelvic and Lower Back Series

Wed, 12/19/2018 - 16:05

Pelvic/Lower Back Series

Lower back stretch

              Knee to opposite shoulder.

              Pull knee to opposite shoulder - 5 breaths


              Bring knee across mid-line of body to opposite shoulder. Keep                        straight leg engaged by pointing toe to ceiling.


Pirifomis Stretch

                Deep pelvis release.

                Start with knees bent - ankle on opposite knee and knee drops to                      the side - lift knee towards same shoulder by taking hold of knee or                    under the knee - hold 5 breaths (may be a challenge).


               Ensure knee tracks towards same shoulder - often it will fall to                           opposite shoulder when muscles are tight.

               Advanced version:

               Hold and push knee towards floor by contracting muscles of the                         pelvis (Mid and Med Glutes, TFL). 

               Alternate pushing knee away and trying (but not succeeding) to lift                     ankle off knee.


Lumbar twist

      Lumbar twists.

      Lying on back with hands facing ceiling and shoulder blades flat on        floor - lift both knees to chest - keeping knees up (towards armpits)        drop the knees towards or onto the floor - 5 breaths.


      Keep bottom leg bent - straighten top leg - push through heel and          point toes towards knee.

      Lying on back - straighten both legs so soles face ceiling - lower            legs together to floor just below hands - hold there for 5 breaths -          lift legs to center and repeat on other side. Tips: keep pushing                through heels and working the abdominals.