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2018: Master of Health Science (current) "Fascia and Ultrasound"
2017: P.G.Dip Health Science - Otago University
1999: B.Sc (Chiropractic) NZ School of Chiropractic
1998: B.Sc (Physiology) Auckland University

Some time ago – when I was young – I learnt the hard way that back pain can effect you in many ways. I was playing professional cricket at the time and the pain in my back limited my performance and made me feel frustrated, down, and angry all at the same time. Sore to move, uncomfortable in bed, frequent headaches, and constant tiredness made being successful on the field difficult plus enjoying myself off the field a struggle.

That’s my main message to you. Spinal pain gets on your nerves, stops you from achieving your goals, and will negatively effect your mood. My goal for every client is to: firstly help them with what is causing the most pain/interference to their lives; introduce strategies that allow them to look after themselves; and then maintain them at a high level of health through regular spinal check-ups (should you choose to). Less pain, more energy, and a brighter mood results.

I have been in practice in the sunny Bay of Plenty for over 18 years. I have a wide range of techniques that allow me to get great results for my clients – I’m sure we can help you. Spinal pain is common and studies indicate that Chiropractic adjustments are effective for many types of spinal pain relief, however, I find that the best results come when adjustments are coupled with effective strategies to improve spinal function. For example, a common feature of my treatment program involves understanding and improving posture.

I am continuing to explore the human body through a Masters degree from Otago University and I am constantly looking to improve the quality of my healthcare with most of the suggestions and advice I give is supported by studies in peer reviewed journals.

I hope to see you soon. In the meantime scroll through my blog posts and be sure to discuss anything of interest with me when I see you next.

Yours in health

Dr Matt Short (Dr of Chiropractic)

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