Heidi Hutchings


Heilkunst & Homeopathy

Heidi (Hutchings) Short began her exploration into health, like many others, when faced with a serious health challenge when she was just 25.

After surgery, the specialist looking after her asked “why are you not bruised and swollen?”. Not only was there no bruising or swelling, but no drugs for pain were needed either. The surgeon encouraged her to continue “looking after yourself” when she explained that she had used Homeopathic medicines. Feeling encouraged to pursue the amazing results further, Heidi began her search & study! She wanted to find what was out there, having only an innate sense that there had to be something to serve her in becoming healthy again, whole again, vibrant again!

Heidi has been practitioner of Heilkunst for over 15 years. While she initially started studying Classical Homeopathy over 20 years ago, she found that she was, again, looking for “more”, which led to her graduating from the Post Graduate program through the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (Ottawa, Canada) in 2000. Since shifting back to New Zealand in December 2002, she has been working out of her clinic in Tauranga for the past 12 years, The Life Clinic, along with her husband Matt.

Heilkunst, the German word that Samuel Hahnemann used to describe the “art of healing”, has remained a fascination all these years and remains the central focus of Heidi’s passion. Heilkunst, in principle, is designed as a whole system of medicine with the sole objective to help the patient achieve “whole health” through scientifically based principles. Principles based on nature herself.  

Heidi loves life in the Bay of Plenty, and feels especially excited that there are so many talented Whole Health Practitioners to call her colleagues, to work with, and to refer to.

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