Dr René de Monchy

Consultant Psychiatrist
MD (Neth), Dip Obs
FRANZCP (General & Psychotherapy)


Motto: If in doubt, be human!
Karl Menninger, Professor of Psychiatry

I have always been fascinated by, and filled with awe and respect for, the uniqueness of each individual human being and his or her biographical path through life.  The instinctive and intuitive interactions between body, soul and spirit, of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, are scientifically recognised in our psycho-neuro-immune systems and pathways.  Research has proven that nutrition and physical exercise, as well as art, cultural and spiritual interests have direct, positive influences on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Who am I?
I am a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, a fully New Zealand registered medical practitioner and psychiatrist, engaged in continuing medical education working with all modalities available to psychiatry. I am also a husband, father and grandfather. My wife and I moved to Tauranga two years ago. I currently work in the Bay of Plenty Community Mental Health Services at Tauranga Hospital.

What I offer
1. I offer genuinely respectful and confidential professional psychiatric/psychotherapeutic services, with an emphasis on counselling and psycho-therapy for anyone from 18 years old upwards. The psychotherapy may be called eclectic, be psycho-dynamically inclined, and may include psycho-pharmaceuticals as well as recognised complementary modalities.
2. I am available for second psychiatric opinion, supervision and mentoring within the framework of professional confidentiality, and I have a keen interest in and am available for professional medical training.
3. Face to face or Telehealth consultations.

What I do not offer
1. Acute crisis intervention and after-hours emergency psychiatry work.
2. Ongoing specific and pharmaceutical treatment of primary substance use disorder.
3. Pharmaceutical treatment for primary Attention Deficit Disorder.

Becoming a doctor arises from a deep wish to help people.  In my case, this wish came in early adolescence in the Netherlands where I grew up and manifested itself in a desire to work Africa. Years of training in surgery, obstetrics and tropical medicine after my medical graduation was my preparation.

But life turned out differently and, with my wife and young family, New Zealand became home.  I worked for two years at Hawke’s Bay hospital, then for 20 as a GP in Napier and Lower Hutt. It was only after those years that my dream became a reality and I spent four years working in a hospital in rural Africa.  The incredible inner strength and resilience of the African people in the face of crisis and adversity impressed me most deeply. It made me realise we all, as human beings, have that same strength.  I was inspired to start training in psychiatry and from there, in 2007, become a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.  Compassion with a patient’s struggle through crises and illness and our human search for “meaning’’ expanded my interests and medical views.

Involvement in Steiner Waldorf education and anthroposophy provided me with an extension of clinical diagnostic and therapeutic views, possibilities and modalities which I could incorporate into my professional career as a GP and a specialist.  Apart from an interest in mood disorders, as a practitioner in Sydney, I worked with colleagues and other (health) professionals, who were struggling with professional and/or personal issues.  I see this as an area of trust and confidentiality where I may be able to help from having gained expertise and experience of my working with affected colleagues.  Because of my interest in teaching and training I have also worked as a senior clinical lecturer at the Wellington School of Medicine, part of Otago University, and I am currently supervising junior doctors and psychiatry registrars.

Referral, registration and remuneration
I provide a specialist psychiatric service with the confidentiality and ethical standards required of Fellows of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.  As for any medical specialist services, a referral from a general practitioner or other primary or secondary health care provider will, apart from special circumstances, be required.  Medical insurance for specialist care should cover specialist psychiatric services, but please check with your insurance provider before booking an appointment.  I do not work within the ACC framework.

To book an appointment please call the clinic on 07 577 1777 or use the contact form below.

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