Gearing Up For Spring

Gearing up for spring

Seasons change and so do activity levels. Winter tends to equate to greater amounts of sitting and inactivity – where spring brings bursts with activity. Going from low gear to high gear is best done gradually – or at least sensibly. Jumping off the couch and into weeding the garden, cleaning the garage, or attempting an overly enthusiastic activity brings a greater risk of pain and/or injury.

A commonly used expression amongst personal trainers is “start low and take it slow”. Meaning, to avoid injuries, start with low intensity exercise such as flat walking, and graduate to walking around the Mount base track before attempting to climb to the top of it.

Transitioning from snooze to shoes is easy. I suggest you complete these three fun flat walks to get the body moving and the mind planning the fun you will have this summer. To get the spine moving, ease into my basic spinal series exercises by clicking here. Finally, have your spine checked and adjusted to ensure you are balanced and firing on all cylinders.


“Preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Bell (inventor of the telephone)


The “Lakes” walkways – Tauriko subdivision

50mins – 1.3hrs return.

There are multiple options here. You can park at Maudes café (or car park opposite) and take an easy flat walk around the lakes.


Alternatively, you can walk up Rexford Heights and follow the flax lined pathways that opens to vistas across the low lands that are beautifully framed by the Kaimais.


Additionally, there is a lookout which is accessed from ‘Lakes Boulevard’ after the second roundabout. Enjoy the ducks and swans.


Harbour drive to Fergusson Park

1 hour return (approx. 6km).

The best time of the day to complete this walk is early in the morning particularly when the tide is in as the sun glistens off the water.


Pilot Bay and Mount Base track

1 hour return.

Park at the Police Station end of Pilot Bay (in the car park) and walk down boardwalk, around Mount base track and return. Best time of day is early evening to watch sunset over the Kaimais.


Before each walk, please ensure you do the following three things:


– Wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

– Take water and snacks.


– Always let someone know what you’re doing, particularly if you’re doing bush walks and/or you’re on your own).

– Research indicates that you are more likely to achieve a goal if you do the task with a friend or family member. Invite someone along to achieve your goal.


Did you know you can book your next Chiropractic adjustment online? It only takes a few minutes to secure your appointment and start feeling good for spring. Book here.