SLEEP – the foundation that provides

rejuvenation of brain and body.

Two-thirds of the people in developed countries suffer from sleep deprivation – are you one of them?

In this eBook I describe what sleep is, why it is an essential part of health and performance, how much sleep you should have, and how to achieve it. Sleep studies number in the hundreds of thousands and all them confirm being sleep deprived is not good for you. By way of strongly recommending you download this eBook, here are some of the consequences of not getting good quality sleep; your more likely to crash your car, put on weight, forget something important, you’ll be slow to learn, have reduced performance at work/sports/tasks at home, and suffer from psychological diseases including Alzhiemers and Parkinsons. Alternatively, with just a little discipline, you can feel energised and be sharp as a tack now and in the future.

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