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Heidi and I are avid Podcast listeners. As a medium, it is a fantastic way to enjoy the exposure of specialists in their field on a whole range of topics. We tend to prioritise health experts (duhhh) and from time-to-time some financial commentators or just select inspirational people who have a fantastic message or story to tell. The format is what I enjoy so much. The host of the Podcast often asks the questions you have in your head or surprises you with an excellent question you hadn’t considered. 

My favourite time to listen to Podcasts is when we have a lengthy car trip because most of the better episodes are 2-3 hours long. This length of episode allows enough time for an in-depth discussion on the topic at hand. 

Below are our recommended Podcasts. We will continue to listen to Podcasts and hence will determine if we should but them on this page. We sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we have. Please feel free to chat about them when we next meet.


Matt and Heidi


“Let-Them” two fantastic words for 2024 – Mel Robbins

This Podcast introduces strategies to help you let things go that aren’t serving you and how to set goals for a proactive 2024. A great listen for this time of the year.

Knees Over Toes – Ben Patrick

In this Podcast you learn all about the incrediable results people are getting by following Ben Patricks approach to knee rehabilitation. 


The Value of Movement

In this episode the value of movement to brain health and general health is discussed with a view from an evolutionary and practical aspect. Easy listening as always.

Exercise and Evolution

Prof Daniel Lieberman is my favourite author. A true evolutionist who connects the past with the present. He introduces the concept of “mis-match” diseases and the good news about them. His book ‘The Story of the Human Body’ is being introduced to students around the world as “required reading”. If you have an interest in being healthy – I recommend you grab a copy and read it yourself.

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