The Advanced Flexion/Extension Chiropractic Table

Here it is, my new chiropractic table, ordered in April (2022) and expected to be in practice in January 2023 – yay. And what a table it is. It has all the upgrades  that will enhance your chiropractic care and experience. You may detect – I’m very excited.

So – what makes this table so special?

For starters, each section of the table moves. These movements include flexion, extension, and traction. The therapeutic effect of these movements is to gently stretch and soften the tight intrinsic muscles that support the spinal joints whilst opening the joint for your corrective chiropractic adjustment.

Second, each section “pops-up” in preparation for the adjustment. This allows each area of the spine to be adjusted with the intrinsic muscles relaxed leading to less force required to achieve a greater outcome.

Third, movement of the lower section can be set at a specific speed and time to move the pelvic and lumbar vertebrae in a flexion and extension motion. This motion is particularly useful for the treatment of the discs between the 4th & 5th vertebrae.

Fourth, the combination of the automated movement and the “pop-up” makes possible for me to deliver a “motion adjustment” (yes – I’m aware of how many “speech marks” I’m using laughing). A motion adjustment is a chiropractic adjustment made whilst the body is in motion.  After a few cycles of stretch and relax repetitions, the adjustment is made to achieve the spinal correction required.

The experience for the client is often unique and comfortable. But wait there is more. The forces required to deliver the adjustment are less than most other chiropractic adjustments which makes the delivery of care less vigourous for the client and the practitioner (me).


Low Back Pain

Studies of low back pain indicate the important role the discs between the vertebrae play in having a healthy spine – particularly the discs between L4 & L5. MRI studies of people with pain or who are pain free have are highly likely to have significant wear and tear in their low back discs at the tender age of 40. Worse, for many of us is most (if not all) studies confirm disc wear and tear increases with age. Needless to say, it is important to maintain the health of your spine including those lower back discs which spend a lifetime carrying your body around. The motion adjustment on a specialised treatment table is very effective in treating and maintaining this key area of the spine.


The flexion/extension advanced chiropractic table is a fantastic addition to the care provided here at the Life Clinic.

I look forward to you experiencing it for yourself.

And, I’m very excited to help you with your wellbeing through chiropractic  motion adjustments.


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